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Perception of Muladhara (The Root Chakra)

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Spirit means the expression of the soul, the thought of the soul. It guides you
from birth to death, from non-eternal life to eternal life, and also to attain the
unattainable divinity. The thought of the soul always guides you from non-
eternal life to eternal life. Without the thought of the soul, you will never be
healthy, happy, peaceful, satisfied, and have good relationships with anyone.
The goodness of you, the humanity of you, the greatness of you, and the
uniqueness of you are nothing but the energy of the soul. The energy of the soul
is nothing but the uniqueness of your life.
First, you have to connect with your originality; you have to realize your
uniqueness; you have to know your specification; and you have to understand
the purpose of your life to experience its importance to you.
Why has God given this birth to you? Why were you born here? For what
purpose have you been born here? What made you come to this earth? What is
the meaning of your life? What is the essence of your life? Why are you here?
All these fundamental questions about life can be answered only by practicing
spiritual life and experiencing the soul. You will realize the glory of life when
you live in the present, moment to moment. Whatever happens in your life is
nothing but the blessing of the root chakra.

If you want to create energy in your life, you must come to the earth in human form.
The root chakra is situated at the end of the backbone. It connects the sky to the
earth and non-eternal space to eternal matter. You must take the human form
whenever you want to learn something from God, something from time,
something from life, something from nature, and something from the soul.
Without the human body, there is no chance at all to learn and earn the newness
of life.

Energy can be created only by the human body. No other bodies, no other
species, no other entities, and no other creatures have the power to create new
energy. If you want to change anything in your life, you must come to the earth
in human form. If you want to create energy in your life, you must come to the
earth in human form. Without a human body, you can never create energy; you
can never create life. Only the human body has the power to create something
new and something which is greater than you.
Only the human body has the power of consciousness, the power of wisdom, the
power of truthfulness, the power of happiness, the power of intelligence, the
power of liberty, the power of spirit, the power of freedom, the power to
experience the soul, the power to realize godliness, and the power to incarnate
as the children of God. No other beings have this power. Only human beings
have this power. All other creatures have only a life of surviving. You are sons
of God; you are daughters of God. This is the respect God has given to
mankind. God has given the greatest value to human beings. God has given
himself totally to us.

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