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How would life be without the guru’s initiation? What will be the result of the Guru’s initiation?

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Ignorance is removed only when one meditates on  Guru. Only those who have meditated on the Guru can light the flame of consciousness. For those who do not meditate on the Guru, clairvoyance is not attainable. Whoever meditates on the Guru, the Supreme Soul will surely enter them and illuminate them as Supreme Soul.

Those who meditate on the Guru become wise and conscious. It is a bare truth that by attaining self-realization and self-realized knowledge, by seeing the truth as it is, by bringing their existence and origin into existence, by attaining all their merits, yogas, bhogams, all Siddhas, and educations, as they are in this world, they will attain the fulfillment of life.

When the merit and yoga of the Guru become Satsang in the disciple, that is the moment Self-realization is attained by the disciple, he himself brings into the feeling of the state of Jiva Brahmaikya, and enters into the Advaita feeling, which is true, unique, excellent, sees the soul perfectly and realizes the philosophy of Parabrahma perfectly.

Traveling with you is yoga
You are a pleasure to travel with the world
Traveling with you is a disease.
You believe in your soul, mind, abilities, knowledge, courage, and consciousness. Don’t trust anything outside because you are perfect.

Those who are in the philosophy of giving are on the path of truth.
He who is in the philosophy of perception is on a false path.
Study with the teacher’s eyes while studying yourself
Study the world with the eyes of a scientist
Study through a mother’s eyes while studying the family
Similarly, when you read your mistakes, read them through the eyes of someone you love.
Conquer the good in you and defeat the evil in you. Then you will be great.
Criticize yourself every moment in every desire, in every thought, in every decision, in every act, in every effort, in every movement.

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