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You have to understand that ” I want strength myself, I have to give strength myself, I will not be given it. If there is something good, I have to do it with myself, I have to do it myself, I have to do what I want with myself, I have to make myself like that, I have to train myself.” To know these First you need to know where you are starting from. They left you all disordered somewhere. They made a mess and left without understanding anything. Now you have misunderstood yourself. You said this is that and left it confused. You need to know exactly where you start to reach your life goal. You have to believe that every person is born with a purpose, a duty, or a task, everyone has something special.

You have a goal to believe in yourself. Remember that first. You have a purpose, your purpose is unique. You have a duty, and it is a great one. You have a task that is very valuable. Second, you have an identity on earth that no one can replace. Even God cannot be replaced. He gave you such honor. You should now try to strengthen your confidence in how to use this smile. The goal should be known first. Most of them have no goal. You have to study, get married, if they send you a job you have to go, otherwise, you have to sleep at home as if you were dead. Now, this thought process is running.

Many decisions work in your life but your decisions do not work in your life. Unless many people’s ideas work in your life, your ideas will not work in your life. Many beliefs work in your life but your belief does not work in your life. Hopes of many people will be fulfilled in your life but your hopes will not be fulfilled in your life. Many people have a place in your life but you have no place within yourself. Many people, even this world depends on you to survive but you are not dependent on yourself. You have no basis in your life. You are a Helplessness, you are an orphan, in a sense very weak, in a sense fear, pain, a hell. You are hell. You are heaven to this world, you are heaven to another man but you are hell to yourself. Why hell is your mistake in admitting, you admit something wrong, you admit wrong about yourself, you allow wrong in your affairs, don’t allow some things into your life, you don’t admit some things, you don’t accept some things, you have to be honest about some things, you have to reject, you have to accept some things. If you know these things, you will be able to live comfortably, happily, proudly, and respectfully with your husband, children, in-laws, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, your job, and your relatives in society. But what to reject, what to accept, what to agree with, what to be honest with, what to be absolutely committed to, what values to follow, what standards to walk by, where to stop, where to run, who to be with, who not to be with, who should be in your life, whose life should you be in? Clarity gives you courage.

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